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You have the right to define success in a way that brings you joy – no need to settle for someone else’s cast-off definition.

So what’s going to make you feel wildly successful?

Your definition may or may not include status symbols – creature comforts are important – but what else matters to you? Autonomy, impact, legacy, connection? So often these ingredients are missing from our culture’s recipes for success. We get suckered into thinking the financial rewards are everything, and then we wonder why we’re all burning out.

Or maybe you’ve been so focused on healing the world that you’ve lost sight of how your business can nourish you. And your definition of success needs to expand to include not only meaningful work but also financial sustainability.

I work with people like you: entrepreneurs, creative professionals, and emerging leaders, to help you align with your purpose, gain clarity on your values, and amplify your impact, success, and joy. My work is informed by 12 years at the helm of a successful, mission-driven digital agency, events I’ve convened for small business owners, and my bestselling* book for women entrepreneurs – along with a fiery passion for helping people narrow the gap between where they are and where they want to be.

So. What impact do you want your life to have? What’s getting in the way of you making that impact? Let’s talk.

* Since everyone brags about their book being a “bestseller,” but vanishingly few bother to clarify what that actually means: The Boss of You, which was traditionally published, has sold over 15,000 copies and was a bestseller in Canada the year it came out. That’s a success in my view but your definition of success may vary – which is, y’know, my whole thing.

Who I Coach

I work with entrepreneurs, freelancers, and leaders of every stripe. I have particularly deep expertise working with:

  • Technology entrepreneurs who are bootstrapping their way to big dreams;
  • Creative professionals who want more business savvy without sacrificing their art, creativity, and juice;
  • Academics, researchers, and journalists seeking creative ways to make their various projects and income streams work well together;
  • Nonprofit and public sector managers and executives who don’t want to compromise their personal ecology in the name of world-changing idealism.

When I needed to have a courageous conversation with an employee, Lauren helped me frame the challenge in a way that made it manageable and the path forward became clear. The conversation ended up being a positive result for both parties – and it was a pile of mush before. She has laser focus, great listening, and I immediately felt I could trust her. In short: Lauren is one of the smartest people I’ve ever met and you want her on your team.

Sam Bradd

Graphic facilitator and founder, Drawing Change

What We Can Work On

Some of my specialties include:

  • Helping you make peace with power and become the leader you want to be
  • Supporting you in scaling up your organization (especially the move from microbusiness/self-employment to leading a team)
  • Troubleshooting your business relationships and HR challenges
  • Making peace with your inner critic and working through imposter syndrome (AKA helping you stretch outside your comfort zone without feeling like you’re playing dress-up or acting like someone you’re not)
  • Prioritizing those hundred-and-eleven projects, goals, and ideas you have on the go so you can find space, clarity, and focus
  • Infusing your values and purpose into your work
  • Co-designing systems and frameworks to maximize your efficiency and effectiveness – I love digging into the nitty-gritty, and my tech background can come in handy when it comes to helping you sort out your business processes
  • Developing pricing, positioning, and marketing strategies that help you find the sweet spot between being of service and articulating your value so you can live comfortably and generously
  • Being your cheerleader for including ease and joy as metrics of success
  • Moving you from burnout to freedom, building up the supports you need to reignite your creativity and recharge your personal life.

Lauren’s poignant questions and the support she provided in setting the right intentions (and of course the follow through!) really helped open doors. It also taught me to trust my inner voice and take action when I know change is necessary.

Rebecca Sharma

How Coaching Helps

A business coach is a tremendous asset to every entrepreneur. (I had one throughout my entrepreneurial journey.) Your experience will, of course, be unique to you, but here are a few things a coach can offer:

  • Clarity on your biggest, wildest dreams – which you need if you’re ever going to get there.
  • Connection (and reconnection) to your inner purpose and values, which is what keeps you going when things go haywire.
  • A “feet to the fire” ally who ensures you get real with yourself and stay accountable to your goals.
  • An experienced mentor to guide you through big transitions.
  • Encouragement and motivation to dig deeper and play bigger.
  • Powerful questions to drive deeper inquiry into what matters most to you.

When I first reached out to Lauren, my business was a standstill. I felt as though I had taken my business as far as I could go. I had read all the articles, watched all the webinars and was putting in all the long hours, but with very little growth or happiness. Lauren not only provided me with effective recommendations, she helped me to develop the confidence needed to step into the role of a small business owner. She fostered a warm and supportive environment, where I began to see in a new light the gifts I had to offer. To say this was re-energizing is an understatement! Working with Lauren was, without question, the best decision I’ve made with my business. I am deeply grateful for her compassionate care, insightful guidance and for helping me build a business I’m truly proud of.

Claire LeGresley

Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Claire LeGresley, R.H.N.

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More from my clients

Lauren has a gift of teasing out all available choices and options, prioritizing and weaning them to your core identity. The result is a calm, simple path forward. I highly recommend her vision.

Rikia Saddy

Rikia Saddy Strategy

Lauren is a smart, strategic thinker – which is hugely helpful to someone like me who’s often more impulsive than strategic. Her approach is thoroughly professional, yet warm and personable. It is an absolute pleasure working with her.

Avril Orloff

graphic facilitator, Outside the Lines

My time working with Lauren has been nothing short of miraculous. Her attentive listening to my hopes, fears, dreams and ambitions gives her a very clear understanding of what I want out of my life, and she has the most practical, useful and fun solutions for getting me unstuck so that I can turn all my dreams into reality and have the life I want. I started coaching with her to become less stressed in business, but I’ve also had huge breakthroughs in my personal relationship, taking care of myself, and the quality of my life. I feel more alive and vibrant, I have the distinct sense that anything I want is possible, and the results to prove it. Can’t recommend her highly enough.

Kati Bicknell

Co-Founder, Kindara Fertility

Lauren is a remarkable coach: supportive, encouraging, and direct. Her entrepreneurial and consulting expertise shines through in her coaching style – the knowledge I have gained through coaching with her has helped me build my business and clientele. I have been working with her for several months, and I would highly recommend her to help you with achieving whatever your goals are.

Pam Penner

Instructor, Co-Active Coach, Mediator, and Facilitator

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