Curiosity Experiment: The Pleasure of Being Rained On

Curiosity Experiment: The Pleasure of Being Rained On

Here’s your weekly curiosity experiment:

There are a lot of cute kid videos on the internet. This one, of a small girl experiencing her first rain shower (clearly she’s not from the west coast of Canada!), stands out. She circles with wonder, returning again and again to stand in the downpour, arms outstretched as though to hug the rain as it falls from the sky.

Her pure, primal pleasure in being rained on is utterly delightful, and infectious. As I watched it, I was reminded of how rarely I allow myself to give myself over completely to the visceral ecstasy of simple things: wet, warm raindrops; the soft warmth of my bedclothes; the unflagging, constant support of the earth beneath me.

What simple pleasures does your body delight in?

How long can you allow yourself to revel in them?

How does it feel to let your body tell you what it wants?

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