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Hi. I’m Lauren. I help entrepreneurs, freelancers, and nonprofit leaders discover their own definitions of success, and live (and work) in alignment with them. Some of the ways I do that include writing, teaching, and advising a startup or two.

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Recent Writing

What are the roots that shape and nourish you?

What are the roots that shape and nourish you?

My friend Randy Twaddle is an artist, an accomplished entrepreneur, and one of the most dapper and charming people you could ever hope to meet. (And trust me, you hope to meet him.) He lives in Houston, and he’s plugged into some pretty sophisticated communities,...

What helps you remember yourself?

What helps you remember yourself?

In December, I spent two nights in a wonderful little hotel that has a vinyl record library and a turntable in every room. I happened to be assigned a room just down the hall from the record library, so as soon as I'd set down my bag, I stepped back out to peruse the...

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