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Hi. I’m Lauren. I help entrepreneurs, freelancers, and nonprofit leaders discover their own definitions of success, and live (and work) in alignment with them. Some of the ways I do that include coachingwriting, teaching, and advising a startup or two.

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Recent Writing

5 ways to redefine business growth

Some years, you look at your business financials and feel all warm and fuzzy. You hit or exceeded your targets; you did better than the year before; and all in all, your P&L statement has some very pleasing numbers that compare well to last year’s. Other years… don’t...

The radical subversiveness of building a “lifestyle business”

Let’s talk about the value that so-called lifestyle businesses contribute, above and beyond pure profit. What is interesting and important happens mostly in secret, in places where there is no power. Nothing much of lasting value ever happens at the head table, held...

Honour your ick.

One of my clients is starting a business and she just can’t summon the energy to create the “lead magnet” (AKA free resource) that’s supposed to entice people to join her mailing list. Another knows he should be networking more, but hates the typical gatherings where...

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