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Hi. I’m Lauren. I help entrepreneurs, freelancers, and nonprofit leaders discover their own definitions of success, and live (and work) in alignment with them. Some of the ways I do that include coachingwriting, teaching, and advising a startup or two.

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Recent Writing

What needs to be spoken (and heard) out loud?

There's a certain person you know who's a good listener. You can always turn to them when you're wrestling with a conundrum; they're patient, thoughtful, and slow to judge or interrupt your train of thought. Good listeners are living treasures, because we all need...

How to say no to the wrong clients (and yes to the right ones)

Two years into building my first company (a web design studio), I hit the point I'd longed for when we started out: demand for our services exceeded our capacity. Like most consultants and freelancers, our initial response to this challenge was to work longer hours,...

What constraints make you more creative?

There's a moment in Cris Beasley's interview with GoogleX co-founder Tom Chi, when they talk about how discomfort can be productive, and the role of artificial constraints in helping us move towards productivity.  I'm a fan of this approach. I find it often helps us...

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