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What Vulnerable Truths Are You Ready to Tell?

Curiosity Experiment No. 23: Truth Telling

This week, I was inspired and moved by some healthy truth-telling on the internet. From Google finally releasing its (not-so-great) diversity data (which it’s been refusing to share despite years of requests from journalists), to flagship online publication A List Apart taking a public stand in support of diversity, to the astonishing outpouring of women’s stories via the Twitter hashtag #YesAllWomen, it has been […]

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Impact Versus Intent, or Why It Doesn’t Matter Whether Pax Dickerson is Sexist

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Most of y’all who work in the tech industry already know how earlier this month, we witnessed a couple of epically sexist pratfalls: There was the whole Titstare debacle at TechCrunch Disrupt, and then the next day, Pax Dickinson got fired from his position as Chief Technical Officer at Business Insider for filling his Twitter stream with bigoted […]

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What Men (and Everyone, Really) Can Do To Support Gender Equity in Tech

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A thoughtful reader recently asked about the role of male allies in solving the gender imbalance in the tech industry: As a guy in the tech industry, I honestly don’t know how to fix most of the issues… I do want to help, but like many other guys I don’t know the best way to […]

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Inclusivity Is Not A Double Standard: Why Forbes is Wrong about Women in Tech

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Everybody’s talking about Etsy’s success in recruiting women engineers – they’ve increased the number of women in their engineering department by 500% in one year – and that’s awesome to see. I wrote a post about them last summer, discussing the key lessons I thought other tech companies could learn from their approach, and it […]

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Women in Tech and Empathy Work

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I’ve written here before about the ongoing puzzle of improving the ratio of women to men in the tech sector. It’s an issue with many angles. There’s an acknowledged “pipeline problem” – a lack of women graduating from university with technical degrees (or emerging from the equally prevalent & valued ranks of self-taught programming); earlier-in-the-lifecycle […]

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The “Yes, and” of Women Angel Investors

Venture capitalist Dave McClure gives women who care about business and/or technology lots to chew on in his post, “Women in Tech: Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is.” I like some of what he’s saying, disagree with parts of it, and am enormously psyched that he cares enough about the issue of gender equity […]

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How Women Can Help Square Beat the Competition

How Women Can Help Square Beat the Competition

Earlier this month, Jack Dorsey (the illustrious Twitter co-founder who now heads up Square, the market leader for mobile payments) came under fire for a photo he tweeted that showed him lunching with Square’s crop of summer interns. The photo was rather unremarkable – a bunch of youngish guys sitting around a boardroom table with […]

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Supporting women in tech: This is how you do it.

Supporting women in tech: This is how you do it.

I’ve worked in tech for fifteen years. In those fifteen years, women have remained a small minority in the sector, particularly in technical jobs (read: programmers/engineers/developers). A lot of people I know have bemoaned the numbers, and discussed various ways we might address the gender imbalance, but I haven’t seen a lot of success stories […]

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