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A Quick and Dirty to Creating Personas

Photo: Bea and the sun, by davic

I mentioned in my post on user matrices that I’d be blogging more about personas, and how you can use them to get inside your customer’s* mind. Personas are an underused tool that almost anyone can benefit from using. They’re an amazing framework for helping us get outside our own heads and unpacking our assumptions […]

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User Matrices: Go deeper with personas

Philharmonie Columns II, by dannyfowler

I’ve just been introduced to the concept of user matrices, and oh my god, I’m stoked. Allow me to explain. I’m a big fan of creating personas to assist with design, technology, and marketing strategies. They’re insanely helpful for decision-making processes, brainstorming, and all manner of other things. I’ve used personas for projects like: Writing […]

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