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Beauty Tuesday: On William Blake, Desire Mapping, and Pinterest

William Blake's painting of Los Entering the Grave: a man entering an arched doorway carrying a lantern

I’m starting a new tradition. Every Tuesday I intend to celebrate beauty in some form. Beauty Tuesdays! I’m diggin’ it. Hope you do too. A few weeks ago, I wrote about Danielle Laporte’s wonderful Desire Map program. I’ve settled on five core desired feelings for myself: Freedom. Alignment. Conviviality. Evolution. Delight. (Yes, they spell “faced.” I don’t know what […]

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Transform Your Bucket List with Desired Feelings

I have a bucket list. It has exactly two things on it: See Bruce Springsteen live. Visit the Rothko Chapel. And I’m crossing item #1 off my list tonight. So I think it’s safe to say that the remaining item does not meet the minimum requirements of a “list.” I have friends with great bucket […]

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