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Inclusivity Is Not A Double Standard: Why Forbes is Wrong about Women in Tech

Photo of participants at Hacker School 2012

Everybody’s talking about Etsy’s success in recruiting women engineers – they’ve increased the number of women in their engineering department by 500% in one year – and that’s awesome to see. I wrote a post about them last summer, discussing the key lessons I thought other tech companies could learn from their approach, and it […]

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Women in Tech and Empathy Work

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I’ve written here before about the ongoing puzzle of improving the ratio of women to men in the tech sector. It’s an issue with many angles. There’s an acknowledged “pipeline problem” – a lack of women graduating from university with technical degrees (or emerging from the equally prevalent & valued ranks of self-taught programming); earlier-in-the-lifecycle […]

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The “Yes, and” of Women Angel Investors

Venture capitalist Dave McClure gives women who care about business and/or technology lots to chew on in his post, “Women in Tech: Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is.” I like some of what he’s saying, disagree with parts of it, and am enormously psyched that he cares enough about the issue of gender equity […]

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How Women Can Help Square Beat the Competition

How Women Can Help Square Beat the Competition

Earlier this month, Jack Dorsey (the illustrious Twitter co-founder who now heads up Square, the market leader for mobile payments) came under fire for a photo he tweeted that showed him lunching with Square’s crop of summer interns. The photo was rather unremarkable – a bunch of youngish guys sitting around a boardroom table with […]

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Supporting women in tech: This is how you do it.

Supporting women in tech: This is how you do it.

I’ve worked in tech for fifteen years. In those fifteen years, women have remained a small minority in the sector, particularly in technical jobs (read: programmers/engineers/developers). A lot of people I know have bemoaned the numbers, and discussed various ways we might address the gender imbalance, but I haven’t seen a lot of success stories […]

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