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Why I Quit Coding: The Pain and Pleasure of Focus

Photo of a focus frame from a film strip

Last month, I sat in a dark auditorium in Austin, watching Edward Snowden in conversation with the ACLU’s Ben Wizner and Christopher Soghoian, and getting pretty wound up about the implications of blanket state surveillance of the internet. And I thought to myself: I should really go back into coding.  This isn’t an uncommon thought for […]

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Why Pinterest is Seriously Valuable (and What It’s Teaching Men in Power)

Pinterest screen capture

Pinterest has just closed a big funding round – $225 million – and has posted its current valuation at $3.8 billion. The digital world is all abuzz about it. And I notice that many of the online commentators seem surprised – shocked, even – by that valuation. This parallels my experience talking to friends about […]

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How to Make Smart Systems Work for Fallible Humans

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I’m a big fan of systems. Especially the ones that promise to help me make fewer mistakes (or at least, learn from my mistakes more quickly), become more efficient, and/or love my life more. I mean, I looooove a good system. I read Gretchen Rubin’s wonderful book, The Happiness Project, and I thought: Finally! A […]

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The “Yes, and” of Women Angel Investors

Venture capitalist Dave McClure gives women who care about business and/or technology lots to chew on in his post, “Women in Tech: Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is.” I like some of what he’s saying, disagree with parts of it, and am enormously psyched that he cares enough about the issue of gender equity […]

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How Women Can Help Square Beat the Competition

How Women Can Help Square Beat the Competition

Earlier this month, Jack Dorsey (the illustrious Twitter co-founder who now heads up Square, the market leader for mobile payments) came under fire for a photo he tweeted that showed him lunching with Square’s crop of summer interns. The photo was rather unremarkable – a bunch of youngish guys sitting around a boardroom table with […]

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