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Lauren Bacon

I am one of those rare specimens who genuinely enjoys public speaking. (No, really.)

I have engaged groups ranging from small, intimate, participatory workshops to a Pecha Kucha Night talk delivered to a sellout crowd of over 600 people. I’ve convened a Samoan Circle dialogue on the topic of socially conscious careers for geeks at the South by Southwest Interactive Festival; performed a live interview with author Danielle Laporte for the Grassroots Business Association in Vancouver; and designed and led webinars for individuals and organizations.

My style is warm, relatable, energetic, and commanding – I’ve been told I know how to “own the room,” which I credit in part to years and years spent performing as a musician.

Some of my favourite topics include:

  • Entrepreneurship and Business: Defining success for yourself. Slow growth & bootstrapping. Marketing is not a dirty word. Networking for nonconformists. HR for the self-employed.
  • Technology: How asking better questions creates better products (and happier clients & users). The intersection of compassion, community, and technology. How we can forge more meaningful connections online.
  • Gender Diversity in Tech: How can we change the ratio of women in tech? What benchmarks should we be using? What’s working (and what isn’t)? Protecting safety and creating safe spaces online. How diversifying your team can make your product & company stronger.
  • Nonprofits, Social Entrepreneurship, and World-Changing: Bringing values into the business space, and business sensibilities into the nonprofit space.
  • All of the above. When I get to talk about tech, women, world-changing, and business all together, I’m an extra-happy camper.

“Lauren is a seasoned entrepreneur who tells a fascinating tale of being a woman in the tech industry, growing a successful business from the ground up and how to get out of your own way to let all of that unfold. I asked her to speak at Ubizo because she’s not afraid to share the awesome and the icky. The audience walked away with some big insights, inspiration and ideas that will influence their next steps in their entrepreneurial journey. I highly recommend Lauren as a speaker who can motivate and connect with a wide variety of audiences.”

Lisa Princic

Ubizo Vancouver

“Lauren brought incredible energy and charisma to the stage while delivering her presentation. Her vibrant personality and creative mind inspired the audience and her presentation was one of the highest ranked sessions at our conference.” 

Julia Stowell


“Lauren walked into a room of 100 coaches and owned the place! Her workshop left everyone buzzing with excitement  about the topic and eager to share, interact and participate. Lauren’s warm presence, humour and delivery style were captivating. I loved working with her and couldn’t recommend her more.” 

Natalia Chouklina

Program Director, International Coaches Federation Vancouver Chapter

“Lauren’s public speaking skills are fantastic. She engaged with our audience in a non-intimidating, personal fashion, and when we experienced technical glitches, she rolled with the punches and delivered a great presentation. We deliberately made her our closing speaker, because we knew she would make the audience want more – and she didn’t disappoint.”

Selma Zafar

Vancouver User Experience Group

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Make Web Not War

Pecha Kucha Night

A Selection of Recent & Upcoming Gigs

  • Women 2.0, Vancouver Chapter, September 2014
  • South by Southwest Interactive Festival, March 2014: Beyond Unplugging: How to Stay Sane Online (with Rohan Gunatillake)
  • International Coaches Federation, Vancouver Chapter, September 2013: A standing room only crowd (over 100 participants) for my workshop on overcoming impostor syndrome – and rave reviews.
  • SheSays Shop Talk, June 2013
  • eWomen Network, June 2013
  • Vancouver User Experience Group, April 2013
  • Ubizo Vancouver, March 2013
  • Advancing Women in Business, June 2012 | Marketing is Not a Dirty Word (slide deck)
  • Vision Vancouver Annual General Meeting, May 2012 | Virtual Vancouver (slidecast)
  • Net Tuesday Vancouver, Oct 2011 | Redesigning Your Website: What you need to know
  • Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit, Oct 2011 | Curious for a Living: How asking better questions creates loyal clients (and better websites) (slide deck)
  • Vancouver Webdesign Meetup, Sep 2011 | Better Questions, Better Websites
  • Citrix Webinar Series, June 2011 | Small + Successful: Defining and Achieving Your Entrepreneurial Goals
  • Association of Fundraising Professionals, Breakfast Seminar Series, May 2011 | Leveraging Social Media to Facilitate Fundraising Efforts
  • Make Web Not War, May 2011 | Curious for a Living: How asking better questions creates loyal clients (and better online tools) (video)
  • Women Entrepreneurs for Social Change, May 2011 (co-convener)
  • Enterprising Non-Profits workshop series, Feb 2011 | Social Media Myths (Debunked): Separating the wheat from the chaff so your social enterprise can rock the social web. (slide deck)
  • Counterparts conference, November 2010 | Wired World Partnerships: The next generation of nonprofit-government collaboration (slide deck)
  • Pecha Kucha Night Vancouver, May 2010 | The Power of And (video)

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