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It’s Different for Leaders: Lessons from Mozilla’s CEO Appointment

Photo by Tom Gill

Mozilla appointed a new CEO, Brendan Eich, last week, and a lot of good people are feeling troubled by it. They’re wrestling with wildly conflicted feelings and convictions. They’re doing the hard work of trying to reconcile their deeply-held respect for diversity and freedom with itself, as freedoms of belief and expression hit painfully up […]

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What “Be Honest” Really Means

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Reading yesterday’s Globe and Mail has me wondering, for the umpteenth time, just how many mothers’ lives we need to dissect and critique before we feel confident about simply moving forward with our own version of what works for our own families. Leah McLaren’s exhortation that employed mothers be “honest” about what their lives look like may […]

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When Circumstances Force Us to Rethink What Success Looks Like

Curiosity Experiment No. 6: Success Myths

Here’s your weekly curiosity experiment: Reva Seth’s forthcoming book, The Mom Shift, puts forward the radical notion that for many women, motherhood brings significant career opportunities (and she’s not just talking about starting companies that cater to kids and families). For some, parenthood brings more precise focus; for others, improved time management skills; and still others, a […]

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Canonization, Demonization, and Reluctant Stars

Old, worn and cracked painting of a saint with a halo

I have had the great good fortune of seeing my friends succeed. Watching them hit bestseller lists, win awards, land major contracts, give TED talks (yep, even the TED main stage), add staggeringly impressive credentials to their LinkedIn profiles, become wealthy, and so on has been breathtaking and awesome in the purest sense of the […]

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Escaping the Comparison Loop

Photo of people walking with strong shadows

“Comparison is the thief of joy.” –Theodore Roosevelt “Comparing yourself to others is an act of violence against your authentic self.” –Iyanla Vanzant As a recovering perfectionist, and self-confessed personal development aficionado, there is perhaps no mental habit that has proven more stubborn than my compulsion to compare. I notice myself doing it unconsciously, all […]

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Impact Versus Intent, or Why It Doesn’t Matter Whether Pax Dickerson is Sexist

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Most of y’all who work in the tech industry already know how earlier this month, we witnessed a couple of epically sexist pratfalls: There was the whole Titstare debacle at TechCrunch Disrupt, and then the next day, Pax Dickinson got fired from his position as Chief Technical Officer at Business Insider for filling his Twitter stream with bigoted […]

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The One Question You Must Ask (or, The World’s Shortest Bucket List)

Photo of a female statue in a cemetery

Last week, I spoke to a gathering of women in advertising and marketing; the theme was “The Balancing Act” – you know, the old work-life balance thing. This is adapted from the talk I gave. My mom is watching my kid tonight and she asked me what I was speaking about, and when I told […]

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Fitter, Happier, More Productive: How Tech Can Help Us Be & Do Better

Photo of a BMX bike rider performing a trick in mid-air

Last night, I had the pleasure of speaking to the Vancouver User Experience group (AKA VanUE). The theme was “Inspiration,” so I decided to focus on something that’s preoccupied me for my entire career in tech, which is how we can bring our best selves to technology, and use technology in ways that help us […]

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What Men (and Everyone, Really) Can Do To Support Gender Equity in Tech

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A thoughtful reader recently asked about the role of male allies in solving the gender imbalance in the tech industry: As a guy in the tech industry, I honestly don’t know how to fix most of the issues… I do want to help, but like many other guys I don’t know the best way to […]

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Diversity Messes With Your Culture… And That’s a Good Thing

Photo of birds perched atop a street lamp - ten facing away and one facing the camera

One of the real challenges of diversifying your team is that – at the risk of stating the obvious – your workplace is going to feel different, because it will include more difference. And that’s not always a comfortable feeling. I see small companies struggle with this all the time. For a small team, every […]

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