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What They Don’t Teach You in Sex Ed

Photo of a plastic doctor's model of a uterus

When I was in Grade 9, I had a fantastic science teacher named Mr. Ali, who I remember for his fabulous Indian accent (his rolled r’s in “ribonucleic acid” were unforgettably delicious), large ears, and small stature – and the fact that when we studied the menstrual cycle, he established a rule that only the […]

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The Intractable Question of Porn vs. Non-Porn

Untitled, by femme run

A couple weeks back, The New York Times profiled and its founder, Cindy Gallop, describing the site as an “effort to promote ‘real,’ not porn-fed, sex.” The site, which is still in beta, allows visitors to upload videos of themselves having sex, and to watch those uploaded by others. The difference between this and […]

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Can Eros Wake Book Publishers From Their Technophobia?

Can Eros Wake Book Publishers From Their Technophobia?

I was talking to a girlfriend of mine about e-books and she referred me to this Fast Company article about Harlequin’s (you know, the romance novel publisher) e-book imprint. It’s fascinating. Go ahead and read it, or if you’re like me, stick it on Instapaper for reading later. There are a bunch of things that […]

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