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What’s the “Tox” in a Digital Detox?

Juice detox

When Rohan Gunatillake and I hosted our conversation at South by Southwest last weekend, the question we opened with was this: When we refer to a digital sabbatical as a “digital detox,” it suggests that technology itself is a toxin. Is that true? And if not, what’s the “tox” we’re trying to remove from our systems? As […]

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Hands-on Help for Impostor Syndrome

Photo of spotlight illuminating a red curtain

Ambition and conscientiousness aren’t always the most comfortable bedfellows. When you have high standards of integrity, and big dreams for getting your work out into the world, the inside of your head can feel like a long, high-velocity tennis match. You want to reach higher – and you want to stay grounded. You long to […]

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Ken Blanchard Just Got Spiritual on Your Ass

Photo: Ken Blanchard at TedXSanDiego

I had occasion this week to refer to Ken Blanchard’s bestselling book, The One-Minute Manager, which is an excellent book on leading teams disguised as a cheesy parable. (There are a lot of good business books I’d love to rewrite for people with a sense of irony, but I digress.) As I was Googling Mr. Blanchard, I […]

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Beyond Unplugging: How to Stay Sane Online

Beyond Unplugging: How to Stay Sane Online (my SXSW session)

For the hyper-connected among us, 2013 may well have been the year of the digital sabbatical. Many a media story hyped the benefits of multi-day technology cleanses, where analog, “real-life” experiences were touted as carrying the healing properties of a lemon-juice-and-cayenne shot, and our plugged-in, screen-addled culture was soundly critiqued. While I’m a strong advocate […]

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The Balance Matrix: My Answer to the “Work-Life Balance” Question

The Balance Matrix

I find most “work-life balance” conversations challenging. For starters, there’s a distinctly gendered component to them – where women seem to be expected to worry more about balancing it all, and where “life” is code for domestic duties, rather than, you know, LIFE in all its juicy, nourishing, celebratory glory. But I find we also […]

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What “Be Honest” Really Means

abstract photo of light streaks

Reading yesterday’s Globe and Mail has me wondering, for the umpteenth time, just how many mothers’ lives we need to dissect and critique before we feel confident about simply moving forward with our own version of what works for our own families. Leah McLaren’s exhortation that employed mothers be “honest” about what their lives look like may […]

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Fuelled by Outrage: The upside of comparison

Abstract photo

A few years ago, I co-authored a guidebook for women entrepreneurs called The Boss of You – and when it came out, the question we were asked most often was, “Why write another book on how to start and run a business?” The not-too-subtle implication was that the last thing the world needed was yet another business […]

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Pushing Out Into the Deep Water

Wooden dock on a lake

Today’s post revisits a piece from the vaults: I wrote it three years ago today, for my now-dormant book blog for The Boss of You. It struck me upon re-reading it that it is a perfect example of what Worship Wisely is all about: finding inspiration in others’ successes and celebrating them, without either canonizing […]

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The Celebrity Guide to Your Hopes and Fears

Crowd cheering a rock band onstage

This new Beyoncé album is messing with my head. Or more accurately: My head is messing with the new Beyoncé album. (Bear with me: This is not about Beyoncé per se, or her album. It’s bigger than that, and you don’t need to like or care about Beyoncé to get this.) Here is a performing artist at the […]

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Canonization, Demonization, and Reluctant Stars

Old, worn and cracked painting of a saint with a halo

I have had the great good fortune of seeing my friends succeed. Watching them hit bestseller lists, win awards, land major contracts, give TED talks (yep, even the TED main stage), add staggeringly impressive credentials to their LinkedIn profiles, become wealthy, and so on has been breathtaking and awesome in the purest sense of the […]

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