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Changing Your World, One Flossed Tooth at a Time

Curiosity Experiment No. 27: Step by Step

I wrote a blog post this week that seems to have resonated with a lot of people; it’s about online communities, and more specifically, what I can do to build the Internet I want to experience. It emerged from a recognition that while I try to be conscious in my off-line consumption habits – for […]

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How Do You Want Your Summer Vacation to Feel?

Curiosity Experiment No. 26: Vacation

One of the most simple yet profound shifts I’ve made in the last couple of years has been thanks to Danielle LaPorte’s The Desire Map, in which she suggests that we replace our focus on goals and achievements with the question, “How do I want to feel?” Not just, “How do I want to feel […]

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5 Questions for Resolving Workplace Disagreements

A message pops up in the company chat channel: A new marketing idea “for discussion” from a colleague. You’re immediately irritated, because you’ve got a hundred other things on your plate and deadlines looming – but you also have strong opinions and want to ensure they’re heard. You compose a terse reply, aware that it’s lacking […]

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Seeking advice? Here’s what you might really be looking for.

Curiosity Experiment No. 25: Reassurance

Yesterday I spoke with an old friend who is launching a new business. She asked my advice on several aspects of entrepreneurship, but we both realized early on that the real questions she needed answers to were universal ones: Am I crazy? (Nope.) Is it normal to be this scared? (Uh-huh.) Do you really think […]

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Where Do You Defer Authority?

Curiosity Experiment No. 24: Authority

Peter Drucker, the Austrian-American expert on management who was one of the more influential “thought leaders” in 20th century business circles – and who Bloomberg Businessweek Magazine called “the guru’s guru” – once dismissed such labels with a sharp smack: “We are using the word ‘guru’ only because ‘charlatan’ is too long to fit into a headline.”  Dial […]

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What Vulnerable Truths Are You Ready to Tell?

Curiosity Experiment No. 23: Truth Telling

This week, I was inspired and moved by some healthy truth-telling on the internet. From Google finally releasing its (not-so-great) diversity data (which it’s been refusing to share despite years of requests from journalists), to flagship online publication A List Apart taking a public stand in support of diversity, to the astonishing outpouring of women’s stories via the Twitter hashtag #YesAllWomen, it has been […]

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What Helps You Celebrate?

Curiosity Experiment No. 22: Celebration

Just about every ambitious person I know has struggled at some point with celebrating their successes. It doesn’t seem to come easily to many of us, and the most common excuse I hear is that by the time we reach the milestone we’ve been striving toward, we have already mentally moved on to the next one, […]

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Making Peace with Clichés

Curiosity Experiment No. 21: Making Peace with Cliches

Maybe it’s the curse of being a child of the 70s, when we were all told we were special, unique, snowflake-like creatures, but I have a lifelong horror of being a cliché. And while I’m sure that’s benefited me in some regards – it’s steered me away from acquiescing to a less passionate life – I’ve […]

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Who Are Your Greatest Teachers?

Curiosity Experiment: Your Greatest Teachers

Here’s your weekly curiosity experiment: Teachers are up for me this week. Today, I found myself struggling to trace the origin of the phrase, “What you resist, persists.” (Some say it was Eckhart Tolle, others Jung, still others the Buddha himself. I welcome other suggestions.) In doing so, I enjoyed following the branches of influence – the […]

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What Boxes Are Too Small for You?

Curiosity Experiment No. 1

Since January, I have been posting weekly Curiosity Experiments to my email list (you’re on it, right?) and my Facebook page. I’ve decided to start sharing them here, too. If you’d like to receive these short-and-sweet inquiries by email, you can subscribe via the form in the sidebar.  Here’s your weekly curiosity experiment: One of […]

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