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Protecting Each Other’s Aloneness

I have been reading and re-reading this passage from Parker Palmer’s Let Your Life Speak. Such richness. Communal processes [can be]… supportive but not invasive. They help us probe questions and possibilities but forbid us from rendering judgment, allowing us to serve as midwives to a birth of consciousness that can only come from within. […]

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Jenny Hart on Imperfect Reality

“It’s not always easy, if you’ve got a strong idea of what it is that you’d like to create. I think that’s the hardest thing. Nine times out of ten, it doesn’t look like what you expect it to be. You’ve got to decide whether you love that child or not. Can you love the […]

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The dharma’s about stepping into the groundlessness of neither right nor wrong. Or not having the security of either right or wrong—that’s the major challenge, to think bigger than just in terms of problem-solving. The dharma is not about curing. It’s about healing. That’s kind of a New Age word. The word that Trungpa Rinpoche […]

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