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How Do You Want Your Summer Vacation to Feel?

Curiosity Experiment No. 26: Vacation

One of the most simple yet profound shifts I’ve made in the last couple of years has been thanks to Danielle LaPorte’s The Desire Map, in which she suggests that we replace our focus on goals and achievements with the question, “How do I want to feel?” Not just, “How do I want to feel […]

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Four Fabulous (and Realistic) Female Characters for HBO’s Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley title card

My latest piece for Quartz is a light-hearted commentary on HBO’s Silicon Valley series that debuted a couple of weeks back. I argue that the show, which features just one speaking role for a woman in the series premiere, has actually made Silicon Valley (the non-italicized one) look even more sexist than it is in real life… […]

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The Balance Matrix: My Answer to the “Work-Life Balance” Question

The Balance Matrix

I find most “work-life balance” conversations challenging. For starters, there’s a distinctly gendered component to them – where women seem to be expected to worry more about balancing it all, and where “life” is code for domestic duties, rather than, you know, LIFE in all its juicy, nourishing, celebratory glory. But I find we also […]

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Pushing Out Into the Deep Water

Wooden dock on a lake

Today’s post revisits a piece from the vaults: I wrote it three years ago today, for my now-dormant book blog for The Boss of You. It struck me upon re-reading it that it is a perfect example of what Worship Wisely is all about: finding inspiration in others’ successes and celebrating them, without either canonizing […]

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Year Two

A year ago, you started sleeping through the night; I can’t tell you how grateful I am for that. But then, there are nights here and there when you cry for me, at two-three-four in the morning, so urgently that I stumble dangerously down the hallway to reassure you you’re safe and soothe you back […]

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Moms Like Crosswords, and the NYT is ON IT.

Picture of someone playing the NYT Crosswords app on an iPad

Dear New York Times Crosswords marketing team, As an avid NYT Crossword aficionado, you can probably imagine the delight with which I opened your email with the subject line, “Announcing the Mother’s Day Collection.” The thought sequence sparked by that subject line alone went something like this: OMG, imagine if on Mother’s Day, my partner […]

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Beauty Tuesday: On William Blake, Desire Mapping, and Pinterest

William Blake's painting of Los Entering the Grave: a man entering an arched doorway carrying a lantern

I’m starting a new tradition. Every Tuesday I intend to celebrate beauty in some form. Beauty Tuesdays! I’m diggin’ it. Hope you do too. A few weeks ago, I wrote about Danielle Laporte’s wonderful Desire Map program. I’ve settled on five core desired feelings for myself: Freedom. Alignment. Conviviality. Evolution. Delight. (Yes, they spell “faced.” I don’t know what […]

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First Year

Baby photo

This post is dedicated to Liz, who wondered why I never blog about my son, and Stephen, who greeted the news of my pregnancy by making me promise not to turn into “another f•••ing mommy blogger.” One year ago today, my midwife looked at me and said that she was going to call in the […]

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Master Your To-Do List, With the Flip of a Coin

Coin Toss, by Daniel Dale

Of late, I’ve been letting my mind run free and imagining a wealth of possible directions for my professional life: starting a new venture; going to work for someone else; consulting; writing; some combination of all of the above… and while there are many options I am happy to strike off the list more or […]

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Virtual Vancouver

Virtual Vancouver

A few weeks ago, I was invited to present a super-speedy Pecha Kucha talk at Vision Vancouver’s Annual General Meeting. Pecha Kucha talks move fast: you get 20 slides and 20 seconds per slide – and that’s it. It’s a fun, adrenaline-filled format (and a blessing for the audience as you don’t have to wait […]

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