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It’s Different for Leaders: Lessons from Mozilla’s CEO Appointment

Photo by Tom Gill

Mozilla appointed a new CEO, Brendan Eich, last week, and a lot of good people are feeling troubled by it. They’re wrestling with wildly conflicted feelings and convictions. They’re doing the hard work of trying to reconcile their deeply-held respect for diversity and freedom with itself, as freedoms of belief and expression hit painfully up […]

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Hands-on Help for Impostor Syndrome

Photo of spotlight illuminating a red curtain

Ambition and conscientiousness aren’t always the most comfortable bedfellows. When you have high standards of integrity, and big dreams for getting your work out into the world, the inside of your head can feel like a long, high-velocity tennis match. You want to reach higher – and you want to stay grounded. You long to […]

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Ken Blanchard Just Got Spiritual on Your Ass

Photo: Ken Blanchard at TedXSanDiego

I had occasion this week to refer to Ken Blanchard’s bestselling book, The One-Minute Manager, which is an excellent book on leading teams disguised as a cheesy parable. (There are a lot of good business books I’d love to rewrite for people with a sense of irony, but I digress.) As I was Googling Mr. Blanchard, I […]

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Why You’re (Micro)Managing Too Much – And How to Stop

Photo of pen doodles

He’s a wonderful guy – he just needs a little more technical training to get him up to speed. I can see so much potential in her – if only she could develop some better habits in her phone manner when talking to our customers. I just wish I had more time to devote to […]

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How Great Leaders Inspire Engagement and Solve Problems Faster

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Like most people in the tech sector, I’ve worked for my share of young, inexperienced bosses – young turks who’d gotten ahead by being brilliant at one aspect or another of their business, but who hadn’t managed a team of people before. After a few years of grumbling about what they ought to be doing […]

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How to Fire Someone with Compassion and Respect

Photo of a flower in a vase on an empty office desk

A note about this post: None of what follows is a legal opinion; I’m not a lawyer, and I haven’t run this past a lawyer to see whether I’ve held to the letter of the law in my recommendations. I recommend you consult legal advice before terminating any employee, whether for cause or otherwise. My […]

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Moving Into Purpose: When Going With the Flow Stops Working

Photo of a river and waterfall, by Tom Gill

Yesterday, I spoke at Ubizo, a conference for small business owners workshopping business challenges with peers and mentors. This is the written version of the talk I gave, which is a little different than the version I actually gave. I was asked to speak about a challenge I overcame in my entrepreneur’s journey. It’s about […]

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When Delegating Seems Like More Work for You

Photo of wheatpaste street art depicting a hand pointing to the right

A lot of us accidental bosses – those of us who found ourselves leading a team because we’re good at doing the work ourselves – are terrible at delegating. One version of that resistance sounds like this: “I just feel like it’ll take more energy to delegate it than to do it myself.” There’s also […]

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The Accidental Boss: Making Peace with Power

A colleague of mine recently landed a new gig where she’s in charge of a team of ten. It’s the first time she’s held an officially managerial role, and she confessed to me, “I feel like I need to go to boss school.” “Boss School! I like the sound of that,” I thought. I wish […]

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