Lauren BaconI want to live in a world where business leaders are among the most joyful and generous people on earth – where we build businesses that actively contribute to making the world more whole, while nourishing ourselves and the people and communities that support us.

And I know this world is entirely possible, because I’ve seen it first-hand. From my first big-girl job waiting tables at a restaurant that people nowadays would consider a thriving social enterprise, to twelve years at the helm of a successful digital agency designing online communications for world-changing nonprofits and businesses with heart – I’ve always gravitated to work that pays the bills and feeds the soul.

I’m here to transform the word “success,” to make it as unique and individual as you are. Only you get to decide what success looks like for you.

You doing the work that lights you up? That makes the world better. Building a wildly successful business that allows you the freedom to live generously? Wow, that really makes the world better. Stepping into your power, learning to communicate your vision powerfully and effectively, and moving your people with clarity and passion? Uh-huh. Better world.

This is what I write about; it’s why I coach entrepreneurs and emerging leaders; it’s what fuels my teaching and it’s behind my secret mission to help tech startups create technology that helps people be and do better.

When I’m not writing and coaching, I’m probably hosting a home-cooked dinner, cruising Pinterest for eye candy, geeking out on quantified self and productivity stuff, or uppercutting my way through a boxing workout.

My writing on business, technology, and leadership has been featured on Women 2.0QuartzThe Huffington Post, and Fast Company – and my bestselling first book, The Boss of You: Everything a Woman Needs to Know to Start, Run, and Maintain Her Business, got props from both Bust Magazine and The Financial Post. (How many authors can claim that?)

My ebook, Curious for a Living: How Asking Better Questions Makes You Indispensablecame out in November 2013, and is available free to my email list subscribers (hint, hint).

Books & Writing

The Boss of You cover imageThe Boss of You is a guide for women who want to create a business that reflects their personal values. It starts where I think all business books should begin: by helping you define your personal definition of success. I’m a firm believer that there’s no single right way to run your business – and that the business world would be a much richer place if we could kick our addiction to rapid, exponential growth and embrace slower, sustainable growth instead.

I’ve also contributed to several books on making a living doing work you love, including The Design Activist’s Handbook by Noah Scalin and Michelle TauteThe Women’s Small Business Start-Up Kit by Peri Pakroo, and Crafty Superstar by Grace Dobush.

The Design Activist's Handbook - cover image The Women's Small Business Start-Up Kit - cover imageCrafty Superstar

Public Speaking & Workshops

I’m a seasoned speaker who loves to inspire “Aha!” moments. More on that here.

Get in Touch/ Stay in Touch

I can be reached by email at lb [at] laurenbacon [dot] com. I’m also on the Facebookthe Twittersthe Pinterest and all that.