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Hi. I’m Lauren. I help entrepreneurs, creative professionals, and accidental bosses discover their own definitions of success, and live (and work) in alignment with them. Some of the ways I do that include writing, coaching, teaching, public speaking, and advising a startup or two.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you find something here that makes your day a little brighter.

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Beyond Compare

Free yourself from comparison, claim your authority & succeed on your terms. A transformative digital program co-created with Tanya Geisler.

Curious for a Living: the e-book

Curious for a Living

Stop simply taking orders from your customers, and become a trusted advisor and co-creator instead – by asking these essential questions.

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I teach subjects like defining success for yourself, creating a design portfolio, and collaborative design. (And they’re insanely affordable.)

Latest Posts

To Tim Cook, on the occasion of his coming out

Apple CEO Tim Cook went public with a piece of his private life today, by publishing an op-ed in Blomberg Businessweek stating that he’s gay, and proud of it. (It’s worth a read.) There’s some lively and entirely valid debate on Twitter about whether...

Why I’ve spent a year researching comparison

In the fall of 2013, I had a conversation with Tanya Geisler that turned into a year-long collaboration. Both of us are leadership coaches; both of us have worked extensively on impostor syndrome; and both of us want passionately to see a world where people’s...

What Makes a Launch Successful

Next week, Tanya Geisler and I are launching a project we’ve been working on for a year. Since last October, we’ve held weekly meetings every Wednesday, co-designing a program that addresses a problem we see everywhere: chronic,...

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